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    "SS Annie M Miller was discovered by Rick Latimer and Peter Harper"
    Braidwood Area - June 2019
    In early June 2019 I was originally going diving at South West Rocks on the NSW Mid North Coast. However, the weather forecast ended up being horrendous, with six plus metre seas forecast for Sydney and all the way up the coast. As I had nothing else planned for the week, decided to do my first camping trip since Kelly and I split up. After a lot of changes to my plan, I set off with my dog Veto for a few days around the Braidwood area, east of Canberra.

    Monday 3 June 2019
    Weather: Sunny

    This morning I had radio duty at Marine Rescue Solander (Botany Port Hacking) as the Watch Officer. I started there at 0600 and took all my gear as well as Veto. I got away a little early at 1130 when my relief came in and took over. Loaded up, we headed south along the Princes Highway after a quick stop at Woolworths Engadine where I purchased a hot chicken, bread rolls and scones.

    The forecast for today in the area we are heading to is for a lot of rain starting about 1700 or so, depending how far south you are. In addition, the rain was forecast to be much heavier the further south. Accordingly, I decided to try to camp somewhere north of Braidwood to try to minimise the amount of rain we might receive. I originally decided to go to Wingello State Forest but then decided to go a bit further south.

    Continuing down the Princes Highway, we stop at the Nungarry Rest Area just south of Shellharbour. Here I have lunch (well, so does Veto). We arrive here at 1300 and leave just after 1315. We go via Nowra and take the road out to HMAS Albatross Naval Air Base and then the Braidwood Road. This is now a very good tar road. When I first came on this road back in late 1977, it was a terrible dirt road.

    At 1440 we stop above the Endrick River where I cut some timber for our fire. A little problem, the chainsaw jams. It looks like the chain is not getting oil. I do a temporary fix and cut enough for tonight. I will have to look at it tomorrow. We leave 10 minutes later and at 1455 we arrive at the little village of Nerriga. Of course I have to stop at the Nerriga Hotel, since back in 1977 and the following few years, I visited here quite often fighting bushfires and camping with my schoolmates. It is 209 kilometres to here from Cronulla.

    After a quick schooner of Carlton Draught ($5.50) and a few drone shots and we are back on the road. Further on I stop to check out the Corang River camping area where I used to camp back in the 1970s and 80s. It looks like you might not be able to camp here now, it has signs saying that the southern side of the is a travelling stock route. I really do not understand why you cannot camp in TSRs, no-one ever seems to use them anymore. I also have camped here on the northern side of the road and you may still be able to do this, but there is only room for two or three cars at the most and no tents.

    Further on there road goes back to dirt and then there is a new section being built which includes a very fancy bridge over the Mongarlowe River. On this section we take the unsignposted road to the north which leads to Stewarts Crossing. This is a causeway across the Shoalhaven River. On both sides of the river there are camping spots, the biggest one being on the northern side. We go over there and pick out a spot (not very well as you will see later). It is 1550 and we ave travelled 240 kilometres.

    I let Veto out for a run while I set up camp. There is another vehicle here, a 200 series with a caravan. They have a very friendly and large "puppy-like" dog that wants to play with Veto, but of course she wants no part of that! I open the Shippshape, pull out the large tarp I have and set this up from the back of the vehicle to some trees (I have no guy ropes to use poles as someone seems to have taken all of them.

    I pull out my chair and new firepit and set them up too. It is now partly overcast but a little while ago there must have been a heavy rainfall as there are puddles everywhere. It is only 9 degrees Celcius. I take Veto fo a short walk and then have a cup of tea. Later I have a shower and then a beer and nibblies. I have also started the fire in the firepit. Works well.

    I am having pork ribs for dinner. My original intention was to cook them in the camp oven, but as I suspect we will have rain shortly, I decide to cook them in a small frypan on the firepit. I cook them slow and eat before 1800. There are soon a few drops of rain but about 1830 it sets in, but not heavy. However, by 1900 it has got heavier, so at 1910 I put Veto up in the tent and head up myself. I doubt that it will ease up any time soon. Before I go, I drop one side of the tarp down so it does not fill up with water.

    It is now 6.8C and the rain is quite heavy and constant. I read for a while and then go to sleep. It rains very heavily all night. When I get up to have a pee around 2300 (a few beers will do that), I discover that there is a large pool of water at the bottom of the ladder. It is about 50 mm deep. Bugger! The rain eases about 0300 and stops at 0345.

    Camp: Stewarts Crossing
    Arrive: 1550
    Kilometres: 240
    Fuel consumption: 12.0 litres/100 km

    Monday 3 June 2019
    Weather: Sunny

    Camp: Stewarts Crossing
    Arrive: 1550
    Kilometres: 240
    Fuel consumption: 12.0 litres/100 km

    Monday 3 June 2019
    Weather: Sunny

    Camp: Stewarts Crossing
    Arrive: 1550
    Kilometres: 240
    Fuel consumption: 12.0 litres/100 km

    Monday 3 June 2019
    Weather: Sunny

    Camp: Stewarts Crossing
    Arrive: 1550
    Kilometres: 240
    Fuel consumption: 12.0 litres/100 km

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