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Our Yachting Adventures
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Michael and Kelly's 4WD Trips
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Current Kareela Weather
A summary of the current weather conditions at our house at Kareela, Sydney, is below. Click here for more Detailed Diving Weather and Conditions. Weather from Michael McFadyen's Tempe Weather Station

Conditions at
16:14 on 23/9/14

Temperature 20.3°C
Humidity 55.0%
Barometer 1020.7hPa
Rate -0.5hPa/hr
Wind Speed: 6 km/hr
Wind Direction E
Rainfall for Today 0.0mm
Rainfall last hour 0.0 mm
Rainfall last 24 hours 0.0 mm
Rainfall at Start of Month 658.1 mm
Rainfall this Year 682.5 mm
Today's Extremes
High Temperature 21.9°C at 12:51
Low Temperature 9.3°C at 6:00
Peak Wind Gust 21km/hr at 14:25
Weather from Michael McFadyen's Kirrawee Weather Station
Yesterday's Extremes
High Temperature 20.6°C at 12:56
Low Temperature 11.1°C at 6:37
Rainfall at Start of Yesterday 682.5 mm
Rainfall at End of Yesterday 682.5 mm
Weather from Michael McFadyen's Tempe Weather Station
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 5:46
Sunset 17:54
Moonrise 4:54
Moonset 16:59

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Sydney Dive Site Hints
"A seal can often be seen at Middle Ground"
SS President Coolidge - Main Index
Michael McFadyen's Scuba Diving - SS President Coolidge - Index The following index is of the pages in my Web Site that are about the SS President Coolidge. They are in a logical order from the history of the shipping lines that owned the ship, the shipbuilder who built it, the ship itself and its history, the sinking, the aftermath of the sinking and the dives on her now. I would encourage you to work through the pages in this order.

PageDescription of Page
History PageThe History of the Dollar Steamship Line, the American Steamship Lines, the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co
The ShipDetails of the ship (size, engines, layout etc)
The History of the ShipDetails of the history of the ship till its fatal journey
Crossing the PacificDetails of the last crossing of the Pacific from San Francisco to Noumea
The SinkingDetails of the trip from Noumea to Vanuatu and the sinking
Some Photographs of the SinkingIncludes some rarer phtographs
Minute by Minute Account of SinkingLog Book written by Lt Craig Hosmer - specifically 26 October 1942
First Hand Memories of SinkingMemories of the sinking by people who were there
Coolidge HeroesDetails of awards given to some people involved in rescues and attempted rescues during sinking
The Salvage WorkDetails of the various salvage attempts carried out from 1942 to the mid-1970s
Investigation into the SinkingThe investigation of the sinking and the three inquiries (courts or commissions) held after the sinking. This page leads to other related pages
Diagram of the WreckAn Interactive diagram of the ship as it is now
Dives on the WreckDescriptions of many dives on the Coolidge
The Fall of The LadyThe Lady has now fallen from the wall of the Smoking Lounge and is in the process of being salvaged.
My Best Ever DivesA description of three dives I did to the stern of the Coolidge
ReferencesAll the books and other information that I have consulted in preparing these pages on the the Coolidge
General Santo InformationAll about the accommodation, restaurants, dive operators etc on Espiritu Santo.

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