My Recent Dives - July, August & September 2019
Posted by Michael on 01 July 2019 00:00

2 July 2019 - Pizza Reef

Club boat dive. Little wind, smooth rolling swell from NE (almost 2 m), slight current from S. A bit surgy on bottom. Anchored a little N of main reef, had to drag it over, hence air consumption high. No donut nembrothas, but huge numbers of seapike and lots of trevally, one-spot pullers and yellowtail on W and S side. Found a blue devilfish near anchor out in open. Whales singing all dive, plenty around the boat, two surfaced 30 metres from us but never saw where they came up again. Visibility good.

6 July 2019 - SS Annie M Miller

Club deep wreck dive. No wind since late morning yesterday but very rough seas (not big). Weird! Slowish trip to site, took a while to find, had to use visual marks as GPS not great. Anchored and stayed in the spot. Went down and found that anchor was hooked into a very small piece of wreckage about 20 m off wreck. Swam to wreck, then back. The wreckage was very flimsy, in fact when we tried to pull anchor in and tie off to it so we could move towards wreck, it broke! No way we could trust it. Also not possible to pull towards wreck, so we set anchor free and ascended. Better safe than sorry! Visibility very good.

3 August 2019 - Middle Ground

First dive in four weeks after return from Birdsville. Largish swell running, with an 11 second period meaning some surge at 32 metres. Anchored on NW corner of reef and a seal came up behind me and then past Les as he came down. Never saw it again. Went clockwise, huge numbers of silver sweep and bag seapike on N and E sides. Came back from SE corner. No wobbies. First dive with drysuit for the year, small leak on left ankle, think I have fixed it. Reasonable dive. Visibility poor.

3 August 2019 - Barrens Hut/The Split

Club boat dive. A bigger swell again but less than Saturday. Smooth with NW wind. Anchored in normal spot. Went N along Split to end, a donut nembrotha outside the end. Then back S along sand, found another nembrotha on smaller rock. Further S went under the gap between the big rock and main reef, first time I have been able to do this for 15 years I reckon, sand has moved out. Then to cave, lots of silver sweep here and then back via the rear gap to anchor. Bastard trumpeters and blue and red morwong as normal. Saw probably 10 Port Jackson sharks in various places. Quite warm water, 17.4 about 2 m above sand but 16.4 on sand. Good dive. Visibility good.

9 August 2019 - The Crossroads, Jervis Bay

Club weekend away at Jervis Bay. Amazed we got out, blew over 40 kts NW all day yesterday and last night till at least midnight. Now about 20 kts, trip out okay but very rough on way back after second dive. Quite flat here. Dropped in and went S, followed wall, similar to last year. Noting special seen, but a very nice dive as the wall and sponges are fantastic. Visibility very good.

9 August 2019 - Cathedral Cave, Jervis Bay

Located towards the Drum and Drumsticks but well back from the corner. Never dived this before I think. Dropped into a small inlet and then once descended, you swim under and between the rock face and a large boulder towards the entrance to the cave which is at 13 m. Cave is very wide, at least 20 m and about 10 m high (a bit lower at entrance). It extends back 100 m and then 20 m to left. Some wobbegong sharks inside and plenty of Port Jackson sharks. Apparently they get lost inside once they go to the left as you cannot see light here unless you surface. DM helped one escape. Back out and then deeper where there are some huge boulders. Quite interesting. Very nice spot. Visibility very good.

10 August 2019 - The Arch, Jervis Bay

Wind way down on yesterday and even less than forecast. However, a bit of swell from SE. Dropped right onto top of Arch and then down under and out. Went out deeper to 41 m and then N for about 50 m. Then back past Arch to S and followed wall SE. Then back and up drop line. Really nice dive, nothing special seen, but great to get full perspective of the site again. Visibility excellent.

10 August 2019 - Echo Point, Jervis Bay

This is a new spot for me. Located to W of Drum and Drumsticks (where there is now a colony of seals living all year round). Anchored very close to shore. The site consists of some huge boulders off the shore then a wall which runs to the N. The sandy bottom has some large rocks as well. Went this way. About 150 m along there is a small indent in wall before it begins again. Here we saw two small male grey nurse sharks. They swam up and down the wall and out over the rocks. Headed back and explored some of the cracks in the wall and around the boulders. Back to anchor. Some saw a seal and some blue devilfish. Nice spot and dive. Visibility very good.

15 August 2019 - Bare Island Right

Could not get a crew for boat today, so did a shore dive. Bit of swell coming over W point so went in near plaque. A bit surgy, even at 13 m. Kim showed me 3 PPH at first crop of rocks. Some schools of silver sweep and trevally, some Port Jackson sharks, a few different nudibranchs, one RIF. Nice dive. Visibility good.

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