My Recent Dives - September & October 2018
Posted by Michael on 01 September 2018 13:00

1 September 2018 - M & K Reef

Huge seas during week but flat as today. Wind light but came up as we surfaced, 20 kts W. Rough trip back across Botany Bay. Water very dirty on top but quite good on bottom (7-10 m), better than expected. We were a bit deeper than normal on 27 m wall. Went S and then back to N. Kelly found an eel and a red pygmy pipehorse. Quite a few species of nudibranch as well. At one stage a lot of silver sweep came in around us. A better dive than we expected. Visibility fair.   

15 September 2018 - Middle Ground

Could not dive last week due to clogged ears. Was supposed to be very strong N or NW winds from about 8, but virtually no wind at all. A bit of a short NE swell but okay, no current. Anchored on NW corner. Went around reef, visibility 15 to 20 m. Three wobbegong sharks, some PJs, no blue devilfish. Quite a few large seapike and many yellowtail. A really good dive. Visibility very good.

15 September 2018 - Barrens HUt/The Split

Club boat dive, two boats. Little wind but a large NE swell every now and then. A bit surgy on bottom. Not as good viz as Saturday, but pretty good. Thought Les had decided to not dive as after 6 mins he was still not on bottom. He finally turned up it appears and dived around anchor. Went up Split to N, 2 donut nembrothas. Lots of silver sweep and one-spot pullers here. Back on reef edge to Cave and back to anchor. A few black reef leatherjackets, a medium cuttlefish, a dozen bastard trumpeters and some red morwong in usual spots. Very nice dive. Visibility very good. 

22 September 2018 - Voodoo

Club boat dive, 3 boats 13 divers. Little wind, flat seas, no current but some surge (17 sec period from SW at times). Went E for 12 mins and then back to anchor. Saw a few silver sweep and one-spot pullers. On the way back saw a small white firefish. A large moasic leatherjacket, some black reef leatherjackets. Kelly found a yellow big belly seahorse on a sea tulip. A really nice dive, could see divers on the bottom at 26 m from safety stop. Visibility very good.

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